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Website Development

“It takes months to get a customer ..seconds to lose one” we surely keep this in mind before we start working on any project.

At BombayBiz, we have the professional expertise to design and maintain your site on a regular basis. We are specialists in any programming and work in raw HTML & scripts. All pages designed by BombayBiz are tested for compatability with major browsers – both old and new.

Our approach is team based. We want your site to be a top quality site and make your investment rewarding. We sincerely believe a happy and satisfied customer is the best advertisement of our services. In fact no work on a site commences unless competitive sites are researched. This is of course complimented by our collective surfing experience of thousands of hours. What this means for you is an extremely functional, informative and visually appealing site. A site which your visitor will enjoy.

Programming apart, we also excel in communications and creativity. A site designed by us will not only be attractive but well organised so that information is easily available to the surfer. At the same, it is attractive and informative enough so that a surfer is attracted. Flashy sites with lots of graphics and pictures are not for us. Sure, we may earn more money but we concentrate more on effectiveness and accessibility.

One more thing, we guarantee that our sites will load in 20 seconds or less. If you have surfed on the internet, you know the importance of this. Obviously, all this does not come free. But you will be happy about the investment you have made. And your investment with BombayBiz surely wont cost you a fortune.